Enterprise Email Hosting

A Robust Email Solution Designed for All Businesses

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What you get with?

  • Up to 250GB mailbox
  • Up to 50 email accounts
  • Intuitive Calendar & Address Book
  • Sync email across all devices
  • Flock Instant messenger
  • Auto-responders
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Business Email
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$ 122.24 /year
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    10 email accounts
  • DISK
    30GB space
    Auto daily
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Enterprise Email
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$ 275.88 /year
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    50 email accounts
  • DISK
    250GB space
    Auto daily

Intuitive Calendar

Plan and structure work efficiently with a powerful calendar that lets you set up meetings and schedule video/audio calls and review availability of team members. Balance it out with personal, shared and public calendars which sync across all devices.

Sync your calendar across all your devices with an ability to schedule meetings and video calls. A fully fledged calendar application to create events and make plans.

Sync across all your devices

Enterprise Email Hosting is built on OX, a cloud application interface, and allows you to easily sync all your email accounts across all devices through POP3, IMAP & Webmail services. Furthermore, you get features like:

Document editing and spreadsheet editing; Real-time collaboration; 24x7 dedicated support in case of any help or emergency; Antivirus & anti-malware protection; 99.9% uptime; Branded SSL certificate; TLS support; Cloudmark, and more..

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Don't worry! We have support premium 24/7/365

Our dedicated team experts work round-the-clock to ensure your business does not face any disruptions.

Award-winning Support via email, chat, tickets, calls & social media. You can contact the Support Team in case of any technical or server administration issues.

Why choose Enterprise Email Solution?

Signature Design

Design your own business signature that automatically appends to all your outgoing mail

Anti-virus Protection

A proven email anti-virus solution to ensure the security for your Enterprise Email solution.

A free instant messenger

Send out an instant pre-written email to your recipient(s) when a message hits your inbox

Frequently Asked Questions Email Solutions

Do you still have any doubts about Enterprise Email Hosting plans? Please, check below some frequently asked questions

What are the supported email clients and protocols?
  • Enterprise Email supports the POP, IMAP and MAPI protocols.

How do I use my Enterprise Email's Webmail interface?
  • With your Enterprise Email hosting, you can use the white-labeled url: http://yourdomainname.com/webmail to access your Webmail account. On the login page, just enter your email address and password.

Which devices can I access my Webmail from?
  • Emails can be accessed using any smartphone, tablet or desktop. The Webmail is built on HTML 5 & Javascript and is compatible with all major OSs such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.

What is the storage space provided?
  • Each email account comes with 30 GB space dedicated to your emails and attachments.