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10th May 2022
Proof-of-Stake vs. Proof-of-Work - What's the difference?

Decentralization is a distinguishing feature of most popular cryptocurrencies. However, the lack of a central authority in charge of transaction verification poses a problem: the network must validate transaction data to ensure that all information is correct and accurate. This determination is where the concepts of Proof-of-work and ...

4th May 2022
Why Kubernetes on Bare Metal Is the Future

A lot has changed since the days when bare metal was considered a dirty word in the data center. Today, running Kubernetes on bare metal offers a variety of benefits that wouldn't have been possible even five years ago. But what changed? And what operational advantages does this union offer for cloud computing in 2022 and beyond? Let's get into ...

26th Apr 2022
The Rise of Cloud Gaming

Gaming has been one the fastest growing industry for the last 20 years, with considerable advancements in technology. The growth rate in the gaming industry shatters records continuously, and innovations keep things more exciting and fun than ever. We have seen an evolution from pixel art to 2D and 3D models in terms of graphics. The pandemic ...

19th Apr 2022
Are Biometrics Set to Replace Traditional Password Authentication?

The inception of computer password in 1960 by Fernando Corbató was a technological fete in its own right. With the ever-increasing security threats, businesses are looking for new and innovative authentication methods. Consumers demand quick, secure, and convenient processes. Biometric authentication can fulfill all three requirements. It can ...